Scott N - Diagnosed in 1999 with a GBM IV

Scott N - Diagnosed in 1999 with a GBM IV

The Tuesday before:
An opening thought about hope.

What if the polio vaccine.
Was supposed to be discovered.
On a Wednesday.
And all the patients.
And caregivers.
And doctors.
And nurses.
And scientists.
Gave up.
On the Tuesday before?

Scott was diagnosed in 1999 with a Glioblastoma Multiforme. The video above is a talk given in 2007 by Scott at his alma mater (University of California, Santa Barbara) in a health psychology class. The talk is about how he has coped over the years.

Scott has also written a book entitled '
The Brain Tumor Diaries: Impressions of the Brain Cancer Experience'. You can view the book online HERE or to purchase a copy CLICK HERE.

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