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TOPIC: Diet and Brain Tumours
Mrspickooon (User)
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Diet and Brain Tumours 6 Years, 8 Months ago  
Hello All!

Hope you and your loved ones are all keeping as well as you possibly you can.

I just wondered what people's opinions on diet/supplements and cancer are? I've recently experienced a lot of negativity towards alternative therapies and it has dampened both mine and my partners spirits greatly and we wanted to hear it from people who are actually going through this, not people who have sat studying petri dishes. I have the greatest respect for researchers, doctors, dieticians etc but unfortunately, accepting that your loved one has a terminal illness is easier said than done and we need to know that the extreme effort that he is going to every day to make sure he is eating and drinking the right things is worth it.

Bob has an inoperable grade 3 AA of the brain stem. He was given a year to 3 years to live. He had 6 weeks of RT that ended in July and we are now approaching the end of the first year since diagnosis. He is currently not receiving any treatment because they aren't willing to treat him with chemo until the tumour starts to grow which I think is WRONG! We have tried to control the tumour through diet and tumeric supplements aand so far (touch wood) all of his scans have come back stable. The doctors were actually so impressed with his progress that he has been able to come practically off steroids (I think this is largely due to his taking the tumeric every day as it is extremely anti inflammatory) and his strength has started to come back in his left side. They don't want to scan him for SIX months now, which, for someone that has been given 3 years max to live I think is BIZARRE! The worst side effect he is experiencing at the moment is tiredness/fatigue which is usually rectified by a small nap in the afternoon.

SURELY someone with a terminal brain tumour of this severity and size should be getting worse and yet a year on, without operation, he appears to be improving. I would like to believe that this is LARGELY due to a combination of the radiotherapy and diet.

Thoughts? Stories? People we can get in touch with? SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

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marney (User)
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Re:Diet and Brain Tumours 6 Years, 8 Months ago  
My son was first diagnosed in 2004, aged 35, with a grade 3 AA and told he would have approx 2 years.
He had surgery to debaulk it and rt, but no chemo at that stage.
Gradually the time between scans lengthened as Jeremy (the tumour) remained stable. Eventally my son was discharged from oncology, but told to ring them if any symptoms returned.
In May 2011 following an MRI after Jay had pins and needles in his hand and arm we found that Jeremy had started to regrow. Chemo this time the usual one week on and 3 weeks off for 6 cycles, although he was unable to finish the last cycle as his blood count was so low. Jeremy once again stopped groeing and shrunk a litle, so he is are on 6 monthly scans, with no other meds than very low steroid dose and anto epilepsy meds.
His oncologist is of the opinion that whist its not growing its best to leave the meds for when they are needed further down the line.
Jay makes his own smoothies too and is very careful to avoid anything containing phenoline ( not sure how to spell that) an artificial sweetener found in many drinks etc.
Like you I'm not sure whether its the diet he follows, his mental attitude or the actual make up of the tumour thats causing it to behave 'atypically'
My sons favourite saying is he's like Tesco's ...every little helps and is open to all suggestions. After all if you're given a prognosis like they have what can you lose?
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Rivvy (User)
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Re:Diet and Brain Tumours 6 Years, 6 Months ago  
Hi Laura

Glad to hear things going ok for Bob, long may it continue.

I seem to be feeling ok but my right side is getting weaker despite my relentless efforts to build strength.

It would be good to have some more dialogue with you guys if you are still active on here

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