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  • Friday, 08 May 2009 10:13

Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness. It usually involves turning the attention inward to a single point of reference, and by doing so can manifest a higher state of altered consciousness. Meditation techniques of various kinds are used in all spiritual traditions as a means to develop positive inner qualities and to transform negative ones.

MeditationThere are different types of meditation which include but are not limited to

  • Quiet
  • Creative Visualisation
  • Auto-Suggestion
  • Concentrative meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Prayer
  • Buddhist meditation
  • Taoist meditation

Benefits include:

  • Altered state in brain waves to alpha waves, which originate from a state of relaxation while the eyes are closed but the person is still awake. When the brain is operating at the Alpha brain wave level and a person is relaxed and calm, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, the muscles relax, and blood vessels dilate, which can be beneficial to health.
  • A relaxed state of being can help us to manage our stress
  • Release of endorphins – which are feel good chemicals.
  • These endorphins can continue to produce good feelings after meditation
  • Can boost the Immune System
  • Can increase mental composure and give a sense of calmness that can give you a sense of being in control again after a particularly stressful situation.
  • Theta brain waves can originate from states of extreme relaxation, these are associated with spacial navigation and some forms of memory and learning. This state of being is thought to be particularly healing.
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