Brain Tumour Supplements Online Group
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Brain Tumour Supplements Online Group

  • Thursday, 31 July 2008 19:26

This group was setup by a good friend of the BT Buddies team, B'Lynn.

This group is dedicated to B'Lynn's late son, Stefan, a mighty brain Tumor warrior who earned his wings 12/31/2006. It is through him that B'Lynn began this journey and continues on it seeking prevention or cure in the name of all the wonderful BT warriors and angels she has met along this path.

B'Lynn says "it is only through the strengths and knowledge of the members on this list that what we seek becomes possible". It is a place to share research, explore options, and maintain files about essential and helpful dietary supplements when dealing with a primary brain tumor, especially a Glioma. Gliomas include, but are not limited to, gliomatosis cerebri, GBM (glioblastoma) IV, astrocytomas, oligodendrgliomas, gliosis, etc. This is not a place to add speculation. It is designed to keep track of well researched and documented herbal and dietary supplements so that we can all benefit from the work of our members without having to repeat the research. We are not doctors and nothing on this group is meant to take the place of your doctors directions. This is an informational and educational group only.

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